My Bookings, Avails, and Callbacks from the past few months:


Rapping dad. Fun-loving, spirited and genuine but not an idiot. He’s a doting father, a loveable loser, who’s confident enough to play up in front of his kids. Clearly, he has no shame.
MUST have rapping skills and great improv comedy skills.

-Audition, Avail, Booked


Shy and dorky History Professor.  Comes out of his shell after he is smitten with his new yoga teacher. 

Must be cute and believable that she would fall in love with him. Good with physical comedy.

-Audition, Callback, Avail, Booked            


Goofy dad.  Not nerdy. Strong comedy skill.  Lost on the family vacation, he needs to yell in frustration but still remain funny and likeable.

-Audition, Avail, Booked


Father of two kids that are 5 years old and about 1 year old.  Need to have strong improv skills.  Gets attacked by a mascot in a pink monkey suit at the County Fair.  The comedy is in his serious reactions to this silly event.

-Audition, Callback, Avail, Booked.



Quirky comedy spot.  Friend of our main character, he is there to stage an unusual intervention.  His friend needs to change his overpriced phone company.  Concerned for his friend.  Good with subtle comedy.  Interesting faces.

– Audition, Callback, Avail


Chemistry teacher who has a passion for food.  Cool, sweet guy with a great personality.  Odd and zany.

-Audition, Callback, Avail.



Slightly dorky father of baby, capable of a wide range of goofy faces, some rhythm a plus, comedy chops a must. Think Modern Family Phil Dunphy or 90s Rick Moranis range.

– Audition, Callback.


Young businessman.  Stressed out and hyper, but becomes happy and mellow by doing Zen mediation exercises.

– Audition, Callback.

Example Roles

Goofball Young Dad or Neighbor = Think Preschool Classroom/Playgroup Dad, Eager Neighbor who always drops by unexpectedly, Wacky Neighborhood Community Leader.

Odd-ball College Professor/High School Teacher/Intellectual  = Maybe he’s a writer, hangs out too much at coffee shops.  Everyone’s favorite teacher.  Best 4th Grade Teacher’s Assistant!

Quirky Office Guy = This guy is a bit geeky, awkward, but adorable and charming with a twinkle in his eye – which is why the audience relates to him and adores him.

 Eager Dude Friend = hipster geek-chic kind of guy that the ladies might date on the New Girl or Happy Endings. Date of the Week Guy on sitcoms.  Or the Odd New Friend of one of the guys on the sitcom.    

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