About me

So, I spent my teenage and young adult years playing awkward goofball teens in commercials, television, and film.  Later on I decided that I wanted to venture outside my young life spent in front of the camera, and jump in some muddy puddles of world experience.


I took a break to work in the music industry, magazine/corporate world, and as a producer and consultant for the independent film industry; winning some songwriting and production awards along the way.  Score!

During my time in New York, I met my wonderful wife. I traveled the country, and lived amazing adventures getting married in a castle and starting a family.


Now, I’m having a blast being a stay at home dad to my two kids.  And I’m also continuing to book commercial, television, and film roles. Playing an awkward goofball grownup, of course!


Obviously, I’m a very proud family man…

And yes, we are famous for our family Halloween pics!




Check it all out and contact me if I fill the niche that you need.